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INSEAD Student Housing Solutions Fontainebleau

INSEAD Student Housing Solutions

Find your perfect home in Fontainebleau

Welcome to Fonty Housing


Property management and hospitality is our passion. Over the years, our multicultural business experience has helped us gain expertise in client communication, handling responsibilities, and overcoming challenges.

We value honesty and transparency and strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. At Fonty Housing we are passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Service You Deserve

We believe that communication is key to finding you the property that meets all your needs. From our initial conversation through to signing the lease agreement and welcoming you to your new home, you will receive regular progress updates. So you don’t have to worry about your accommodation before you arrive. You can rely on us every step of the way to answer any questions and offer guidance and support. 

Personalized Approach

It’s common for students to feel nervous, especially when travelling overseas for the first time and searching for accommodation. That’s why Fonty Housing is committed to providing a caring, personalized approach to help you find the perfect property and ensure a stress-free experience. So, whether you are looking for a studio or a shared house, bank on Fonty Housing to fulfil your INSEAD housing needs.

Proven Results

At Fonty Housing, we strive to go above and beyond to provide a consistently high standard of customer service. It is the determination to deliver a distinctive, personalized approach that puts us head and shoulders above the rest. But you won’t know this unless you have been one of our guests. Great client relationships are importance to us. Book your stay today and let us exceed your expectations.

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Comfortable Modern Fully-Furnished Student Accommodation

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Because we specialize in offering specific services to a select clientele, Fonty Housing has the opportunity to focus on continuous innovation around improving our services. Whether responding to an inquiry, providing customised services, anticipating customer needs, or innovating new services, we believe time is of the essence. Getting this right helps us exceed customer expectations, improve customer experience, and have an advantage over our competitors.

Fonty Housing – the only way to stay

Furnished Rentals

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Whatever type of INSEAD student accommodation you are looking for we are here to help you find it. Whether you prefer a studio apartment or a shared house, Fonty Housing will take care of you and all your housing needs.

Vacation & Business Travel

Fonty Stays short-term vacation and business lets from Fonty Housing

Get inspiration for your next short stay holiday or corporate business trip. Choose from Fonty Stays wide range of short-term property lets and take advantage of our personalized property and hospitality services.

Join Our Catalogue

Now is a great time to market your Fontainebleau property long-term to INSEAD students. Or, why not let short-term to holiday and corporate travellers who prefer apartments and vacation rentals to hotels?


Step 1 in a simple property booking process for Fonty Housing INSEAD student accommodation

Contact us with your housing preferences, budget and duration of stay. We will also chat about life in Fontainebleau. Although it is a relatively small town, you will find everything you need is only a walk or bike-ride away.

We will discuss all the available housing options until you have made your choice. In addition, we will take you on a ‘virtual visit’ whenever possible. Then, we can go over the property details and its surrounding area.

Step 2 in a simple property booking process for Fonty Housing INSEAD student accommodation
Step 3 in a simple property booking process for Fonty Housing INSEAD student accommodation

Booking process begins. To start the property reservation, we will require a copy of your passport and INSEAD admission letter, along with a couple of other things. Payment of the deposit will confirm your booking.

In addition to the property deposit payment, there is also a small additional charge for Fonty Housing services. A detailed breakdown of all fees and expenses is provided at Step 2 once you have settled on a property.

To speed up the process and ensure you secure the property you want as quickly as possible, the lease agreement can be signed using an e-signature. However, in some cases it may also need to be signed upon your arrival.

Fonty Housing is based in France so all legal documentation, including the contract, is signed in French, accompanied by an English translation.



The local area is a land of beautiful and diverse landscapes. Dramatic boulders, slow moving rivers and charming villages, the area is a delight to discover and explore.


“Out of all the people helping house search, you’ve been the most kind and approachable. Thanks for that.”

Student G,


contact us

We only partner with suppliers and groups who have the same high-quality standards and who share the same values as us. Because our guests deserve to have only the best.

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