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Trusted Partners

Making Your Life Easier

Shared Values

To create a brighter future for our business, our partners and our customers, at Fonty Housing, we foster teamwork.

Collaboration is the key to the success of any organisation. But we don’t just forge partnerships with anyone – successful partnerships will only flourish when they are founded on shared values and a foundation of trust. So we can proudly confirm that our growing network of businesses share the same high standards as we do.

Our Trusted Partners

We personally ensure that the services provided by our partners are ones that can help make your life in Fontainebleau much easier.

Tidy My Money – Your Financial Wellness Companion

In a world where you are bombarded with financial decisions, making difficult choices and given conflicting advice, it is important to have a trustworthy, independent companion at your side. 

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Amanda Edwards, a seasoned money coach and personal mentor. She will support you on a journey that will strengthen your financial confidence and help you pave the way to financial security. 

Amanda Johnson, A seasoned money coach and personal mentor and one of our trusted partners
Tidy My Money logo on Partners page -

Whether you want to clarify financial goals, manage your cash flow or need help working out an effective and realistic budget, Amanda will guide the way. She can also help uncover any beliefs, obstacles or fears that may be hindering your financial potential.

If you need help to tidy up your finances and regain control, explore the Tidy my Money website or contact Amanda using the details below.

  • Call: +39 331 328 7989.
  • Email:

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