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Thelma Rose


eco-friendly, Responsible & Ethical Clothing

Thelma Rose is a remarkable Made in Fontainebleau clothing brand created by two of our well-respected property owners, Stephanie and her sister, Solene. This dynamic duo brings a fresh perspective to fashion and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Stephanie and Solene have combined their passion for fashion and intrinsic love for the environment to establish Thelma Rose. Their brand symbolises the spirit of French elegance. But it also stands as a testament to the importance of eco-friendly, responsible and ethical clothing.

Thelma Rose encapsulates the essence of French style. They offer a range of clothing that exudes understated sophistication and the desirability associated with French fashion. From simply chic dresses to versatile separates. Their collections empower women to express their unique style while aligning with eco-friendly principles.

Their brand ethos also supports the growing trend of creating a capsule wardrobe. A concept allowing you to refocus on the essentials and design your wardrobe around eco-responsible or ethical clothing. Quality apparel that never goes out of fashion.

Natural & Organic Materials 

Ultimately, what sets this business apart is Stephanie and Solene’s dedication to sustainability and commitment to using environmentally friendly materials; adopting ethical production practices, and minimising waste throughout their supply chain. They favour natural and organic materials and certain artificial materials such as Tencel or Micromodal. It’s the quality of these materials that ensures their garments are not only timeless classics but also durable.

Comfort & sustainability

Fonty Housing are thrilled to have Stephanie and Solene as members of our community. And we proudly support their brand as it continues to make waves in the fashion world. So if you want to elevate your everyday style, Thelma Rose embodies comfort, sustainability, and the enduring beauty of French fashion. Explore their collections on their website, Facebook and Instagram, and join us in celebrating this exceptional Made in France brand!

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