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Great Customer Service guaranteed at Fonty Housing Fontainebleau

Great Customer Service Starts Here


“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ Teddy Roosevelt

This customer service quote is our team’s reminder that we should listen more, show empathy and try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. That’s why our goal is to help solve the problems that are hindering you from achieving your personal or business objectives. 

Fonty Housing is trusted by our customers, property owners and partners because we focus on providing a quality customer service and experience. YOU are our Number 1 priority and the reason why we do what we do.

Just a few of our happy customers

Student A

“…Thanks for your kind message. It has been a great pleasure and an immense support having you at my side at Fontainebleau..”

customer service

Student G

“…Out of all the people helping me on my house search, you’ve been the most kind and approachable. Thanks for that..”

Sylvie has been very nice and responsive to us. When we had a problem entering the house the first day she resolved it very quickly! Best landlord in Fonty that I’ve talked to (I’ve met quite a few).

customer service

Student D

Great place to stay for INSEAD students…very convenient location, 15-minute walk to campus and 5-minutes to the market square. Also great value, clean and recently renovated. Highly recommend!

customer service

Homeowner K

“…Sylvia has been extremely efficient and covered all details in the process. I had nine apartments for rental and she ensured that the flow of tenants was smooth, with minimum loss of time. In addition, all paperwork was up to date..”

customer service

Homeowner P

“I have been renting out my home in Fontainebleau to INSEAD students for 6 years. Never was the property better managed than when Sylvia was involved. She did an excellent job interacting with tenants on day-today matters. ..also keeping me updated and bringing in service personnel as needed. I hope to work with Sylvia in the future and would strongly recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her.”

Live Fonty, Love Fonty, Stay Fonty Housing

The Fox's Lair Fontainebleau INSEAD student accommodation
The Fox’s Lair – Comfort and convenience of open plan living
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